At EDL our goal is to help individuals through the process of life. We think it is important to have an estate plan. That is why we are providing the following information so an estate plan can be “started.” There are many other issues involved in estate planning like interested beneficiaries, simultaneous death, intestate distribution , gifts, etc. The list could go on. Professional advice should be sought. However we would like to assist you in beginning the process

Estate planning can be accomplished through a will. There must be some testamentary intent to create a will. For instance, I, name, declare the to be my last will and revoke any previous wills or codicils. Also a will is not operative until the testator’s death. It cannot be operative during the testator’s life. There are three formal requirements for an attested will. First the will must be signed by the testator. The testator is the person who created the will. Second there must be at least two witnesses above the age of 14 and the witnesses need to be credible. Third the witnesses who subscribe their names must do so in the presence of the testator.

In Texas Holographic, handwritten, wills are valid. 

This type of will has two requirements. First the will must be solely in the testator’s handwriting. Second the will must be signed by the testator. Other requirements are needed like testator's intent, etc...The specifics on how to convey property to another person after death are beyond the scope of this article. We hope the previously mentioned information helps.

Again this is not legal advice and a professional should be sought. EDL has provided this information solely to assist you in beginning the process of planning your estate.

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