The brain is a marvel. To begin to appreciate and understand how influential the brain is we will first mention some facts about the brain. Your brain consists of 100 billion cells and makes 100,000 billion connections.* These are staggering numbers but it does not stop there for instance the brain contains 12 trillion nerve cells.* That is more than two times the amount of people on this planet. In addition the brain processes 30 billion bits of information a second.* The list could go on but we think you get the point. The brain is a marvelous organ and we should treat it as such.

   It is important for humans to use their brain in a way that influences positive thinking. For instance some studies have demonstrated that neurons in the hippocampus (part of the brain responsible for memory) shrink when we are stressed.* Its has also been shown that dendrites (the wires connecting brain cells to one another) permanently shrivel in response to negative thinking.*  On the other hand love, affection, and happy moods have been shown to strengthen these dendrite connections.* Thus over time, the neurons in your brain can be severely impacted by positive or negative thoughts.

   One thing that makes us unique is our brains ability to adapt and restructure itself. Over the years, there have been many inventions that have had an impact on our lifestyles and the way we think. Currently technology is in wide use. Technology has become so ingrained in our lifestyles we don’t have to think anymore. For example before smartphones we would have to memorize a phone number or read a map for directions. Now, for some, those tasks are being automated and not manually thought about or used.

   Using technology and not thinking about tasks matter because the brain can restructure itself in a way to influence negative thinking (always repeating the same ideas). As mentioned previously over time negative thoughts can have a detrimental effect on your brain.

   So how can person improve their mental health? It has been demonstrated that most anyone can improve their brain functioning.* Focus seems to be the key to improve our thinking abilities. Take time to brainstorm ideas, take time sit and think about ideas undisturbed, and take some time to relax undisturbed. These techniques encourage new thoughts that can activate new areas of the brain. Thus adding to the neural networks of our brains at the same time encouraging the use and restructuring of the brain too.

   Overall this could increase our mental health and our ability to positively think

Mental health is vitally important. The brain needs time to think and process information. We need to give the brain what it needs especially knowing all it does and all the connections it makes. We encourage you to find ways that help your physical and mental health. Next we encourage you to implement some of those ideas in your life.

  Garner, E., (2010). Thinking Skills: Using your brain in the information age. Eric Garner & Ventus Publishing ApS

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