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   Along with all the other benefits you get with your membership, you also get to submit a member application too. The Member Application  will only be reviewed if your account is "Active," and the Membership Application is different from our formal application program. In other words, the membership application and the formal application program are NOT the same.

Here are some of the main differences listed below:

  1. Member Applications are considered only through our Private Member Database,
  2. Member Applications will also be considered monthly if your membership remains "active."
  3. Member Applications are short
  4. Members do NOT receive a personal page. Only formal application clients receive a personal page

***EDL will NOT review any Non-Active Member Applications. Nor will Non-Active Members be a part of our private database. Individuals may always Register for Free with the public instead.***

*Unfortunately we cannot help everyone. However we will do our best to help if we can. 

*You may cancel your membership at anytime* No questions asked.*

Financial Struggles!

   Remember, it is important to approach financial challenges with a clear mind and a well-thought-out plan.

  Planning for financial stability is the key to over coming a lot of financial struggles. It may take a long time and it is frustrating at times, but it will be worth it. Keep trying and never give up hope!


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