The health care industry is a monster business. Each year more than $1 trillion is spent on health care in the U.S.* Needless to say this number is staggering. With so much money directed into one area, fraud will occur. Medicare Fraud is against the law, arises often, and costs the program to lose a lot of money each year.

    Medicare Fraud is deceiving Medicare into paying when it should not or making the program pay more than it should.*You can protect yourself from fraud in ways like educating yourself on the Medicare program or keeping an accurate health journal.* That way you can identify what bills should be paid and what bills should not be paid. Also report Medicare marketing fraud. * This includes when a broker calls, visits, or emails you without your permission.*

    These steps unfairly put the burden of knowing the Medicare program on you, yes. However most of the ways to protect yourself against fraud start with you the consumer though. Others will not do it for you. If you do these things, you can protect yourself better by identifying fraud more often.

    Next  we will offer some TIPS on what not to do. Never provide Medicare or personal information to anyone other than your trusted healthcare professional.* Never provide your information over the phone. Social security and Medicare will never call you to ask for your information.* Never pay for a service you do not need.* Finally do not accept gifts from a broker for enrolling in their program.*

    If you suspect Medicare Fraud is happening you should call the Senior Medicare Portal at 877-808-2468.* Please be sure to you are able to provide names, dates, times, and locations when you call. You may also visit www.medicareinteractive.org to learn more.*

*Sparrow, M., (1998). Fraud Control in the Health Care Industry: Assessing the State the Art. U.S. Department of Justice,1, 1-10.

*Medicare Rights Center, (2014). Medicare Fraud. Medicare rights, 1-1.

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