Shop with your health in mind

Below are recommendations based on how a majority of grocery stores are laid out. Generally fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy are located on the outside aisles (along the wall). Non perishable items are usually in the middle. Thus, if you are shopping with you health in mind, most of your shopping should be on the outside aisles.

Shop the outside Aisles 

The outside aisles have a lot of healthy items, but the most important to your health is vegetables. Fresh ingredients are key to a healthy lifestyle. 


The Deli and Bakery are located on the outside aisles too.  It is recommended to get fresh bread instead of bagged bread made in a factory. In addition try to get your meats and seafood from the deli and not the frozen aisle.

Frozen Foods

Yes, Frozen foods usually are located on the outside aisle. However Fresh whole food is better for you. It is recommended to get fresh meats and vegetables instead of easy frozen food.

Non-Perishable Items

These items are usually located in the middle of the store and are usually produced in a factory. If food is produced in a factory it is not real freshly grown in its natural environment. Thus, it will not be as healthy for you.


Above is a simple/general layout of a grocery store. Fresh ingredients are usually located on the outside aisles. 

Ask yourself, where to you do a majority of your shopping? If not on the outside aisles, try to do more shopping there. If you already do a majority of shopping on the outside aisles, great, keep it up. Always try to do more with your health in mind.

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